Walnut Powder

Walnut Powder

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The walnut powder produced by our company is made of high-quality  walnut raw material and is processed by advanced spray drying technology.High quality walnut powder is made from walnut kernel, white granulated sugar and whole milk powder. It is made from walnut kernel, grinding, slurry separation (remove bitter brown skin), deodorization, ingredients, homogenization, concentration, sterilization and spray drying.

Product   Name:

walnut powder

Part   of Plant Used:



Light yellow powder




1. Prevent artherosclerosis

2. Lower cholesterol levels and treat gall-stone and lurinary stone.

3. Treat dermatitis and eczema.

4. Anti-oxidation and anti-aging, skin nourishing.

5. Improve the acuity of vision and blacken the hair, strengthening feet and waist power.

6. Have the effect on women's physical recove.


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