Soybean Protein

Soybean Protein

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Soybean protein is a kind of vegetable protein. Its amino acid composition is similar to that of milk protein. Except for methionine, the other essential amino acids are abundant, and it is a complete protein of plant. In terms of nutritional value, it is equivalent to animal protein, and is also the closest to human amino acid in gene structure, so it is the most nutritious plant protein. Soy protein has the incomparable advantage of animal protein. Although soybean protein has very little methionine, it does not contain cholesterol. It is a physiologically active substance.

Product   Name:

Soybean   protein

Botanical   Name:

Glycine   max (Linn.) Merr.

Part   of Plant Used:


Active   Ingredients:

Soybean   protein




Light Yellow   powder




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