Mulberry Extract

Mulberry Extract

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Mulberry leaf extract was obtained from mulberry leaf powder processed from the first to the third new leaves on mulberry branches in late spring silkworm or before frost's descent. The mulberry leaf extract contains flavonoids, mulberry leaf polyphenols, mulberry leaf polysaccharides, DNJ, GABA, and other physiologically active substances.  
what are the benefits of mulberry leaf extract?  
1. Mulberry extract is used to prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, and anti-aging.  
2.Mulberry leaf Extract 1-Deoxynojirimycin, hereinafter referred to as DNJ, mulberry leaf extract DNJ combined with flavonoid substance extracted from pueraria root to form a new substance -- pancreatin (cics), which is suitable for treating hypoglycemia, blood lipids, anti-inflammatory, and other effects.  
3.Mulberry leaf Extract DNJ, is a powerful α-glucosidase inhibitor. After being absorbed by the human body, it could inhibit the activity of invertase, maltose enzyme, α-glucosidase, and α-amylase enzyme, reduce the absorption of carbohydrate digestion and glucose, reduce blood sugar.  
4.Mulberry leaf extract powder DNJ also has significant antiretroviral activity, it could inhibit tumor metastasis and be used as a carrier for the synthesis of high pure maltose.

Product   :mulberry extract

Ingredients:DNJ   1%-10%,flavonoids 5%-30%,polysaccharide 10%-30%

Test method:   HPLC

Plant   part:  leaf

Country of   origin: China

Color:Brown powder


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