Tea saponin Powder Air Entraining Agent

Tea saponin Powder Air Entraining Agent

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Air entraining agent is an important independent type of concrete admixture. Its main function is to greatly improve the frost resistance durability of concrete. In addition, the air entraining agent has significant improvement effect on the construction performance and other comprehensive durability of concrete. At present, the traditional domestic commercial air entraining agent is mainly rosin soap and rosin hot polymer, which has the disadvantages of poor solubility of products, poor compounding with other additives, and large reduction of concrete strength.
It has the characteristics of reducing the surface tension of the solution, producing closed and independent bubbles, high foaming multiple, many bubbles, small bubble spacing, long foam stabilizing time, which can significantly improve the working performance of plastic concrete and improve the durability of hardened concrete. It is a high-quality air entraining agent with great application prospect in domestic concrete engineering.


Air entraining agent 


Light Yellow Powder

Active Content


Surface Tension



Dissolved in water

Foamy Height






Shelf Life



1. Used in concrete construction which with high demand of endure ability and frost resistance, such as irrigation works, port works, road and bridges, etc. 

2. Compound with pumping aid to make pump concrete. 

3. Compound with water reducer, such as Naphthalene series, polycarboxylate-type.


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