Sunflower Seed Protein

Sunflower Seed Protein

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Sunflower protein is also known as sunflower seed protein, also known as sunflower protein. The degreased sunflower seed cake is used as a raw material to remove protein products such as shells and phenolic acid compounds such as chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. The main component is globulin (about 70% to 79%), followed by albumin and a small amount of gluten and prolamin. In the amino acid composition, the lysine content is low, while the other essential amino acids are high.
Sunflower seed protein has good water absorption, oil absorption, emulsifying properties and foaming properties. Sunflower seed powder can absorb 170% water and 208% oil, and its oil absorption is higher than soybean protein. Sunflower seed protein concentrate and protein isolate have similar foaming and agitation properties to fresh egg white.


Product :Sunflower seed Protein

Ingredients:  Sunflower seed protein

Test method: kjeldahl methodPlant part:   Seeds
Country of origin: ChinaColor:   Light Yellow fine powder







1) For food.

After 1% to 2% of the defatted sunflower seed protein powder is cooked by moist heat for 1 hour, it can be added to bread and other foods to strengthen the nutrition, make up for the deficiency of essential amino acids in the flour, and increase the elasticity of the bread crumb to prevent the flour. The effect of starch aging.


2) Good additives for baby food.

Compared with soy protein, sunflower seed protein has lower lysine content but higher methionine content. Combine sunflower seed protein with soy protein and add it to infant foods for nutrient strengthening


3) Additives in meat products.

The sunflower seed protein is added to meat products such as sausages, and the shrinkage is small when smoked, which not only prevents the oil from separating, but also reduces the weight loss, and also increases the tenderness of the sausage, so that the product has a good palatability. Adding sunflower seed protein (30%) to the fillings of foods such as pies, buns, and dumplings instead of pork can not only reduce animal fat in foods, lower cholesterol levels, but also reduce costs.


4) Make drinks such as artificial milk.

Sunflower protein has a soft smell and no odor such as soybean meal. It is a good raw material for high-grade beverages and artificial milk. The sunflower seed protein concentrate is heat-treated at 80 ° C, and mechanically stirred, and then added with an emulsifier to prepare a protein-containing 3% emulsion, which is mixed with milk in a ratio of 1:1 to obtain a good fragrance and color. Mixed milk..


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