Sophora Japonica Extract

Sophora Japonica Extract

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Sophora japonica l. is the dried flower bud and flower of Sophora japonica L.Huaimi is mainly produced in henan, shandong, shanxi, shaanxi, anhui, hebei, jiangsu, guizhou and other places. In recent years, ningxia, gansu and other places have scale, Vietnam also has a large area of planting.Flower bud is collected when summer flower is not opened, call "pagoda tree rice "

Product   Sophora Japonica Extract 

Ingredients: RutinQuercetinTroxerutin

Test method:   HPLC

Plant part: seed

Country of   origin: China

Color:   yellow  powder







Cool blood to stop bleeding, clear liver to relieve fire.Used for hematochezia, hemorrhoids, dysentery, bleeding, vomiting blood, epistaxis, hot liver, red eyes, headache and dizziness


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