Shii-take mushroom powder

Shii-take mushroom powder

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shii-take mushroom powder produced by our company is made of high-quality . shii-take mushroom as raw material and is processed by advanced spray drying technology.shii-take mushroom is a kind of health care vegetable,Shiitake are rich in protein and amino acids, and their content is several times even more than ordinary vegetables and fruits. It is one of the most famous and most nutritious edible fungus in the world. It has all kinds of essential amino acids, can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, even can fight cancer .good liquidity, good taste, easy to dissolve, easy to preserve.

Product   Name:

Shii-take mushroom powder

Part   of Plant Used:

Whole plant


Light yellow powder




1.It can promote cardiovascular health and reduce high blood pressure and platelet aggregation.

2.It is anti-cancer, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and can effectively improve capability of blood scavenging.

3.It can enhance the immune system, in particular it has a good effect on the prevention of bronchitis, asthma, nasal allergies, herpes diseases and HIV infection.

4.It can increase body hypoxia tolerance, regulating blood sugar level, antiatheroscloresis, anti-radiation and anti-aging.


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