Organic Granular Fertilizer

Organic Granular Fertilizer

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Organic Granular Fertilizer is made from Camellia seed cake widely distributed in South China after fermentation, drying, crushing, granulation, cooling and screening. It is rich in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, tea saponin, tea seed polysaccharide, tea seed protein, crude protein and other effective ingredients, with pH value of 8 and water content of about 10. Tea meal organic fertilizer not only provides the crops with sufficient nutrients, but also provides the crops with rich organic matter. It has a long-term, quick and synergistic effect on the fertilizer effect. When the fertilizer is applied, the fertilizer effect period is long, and the supply of fertilizer is consistent with the needs of crops, which fully meets the needs of crops for nutrient elements. At the same time, the tea saponin contained in the product can also effectively kill insects.


Organic   Granular Fertilizer


Brown   Pellet

Active   Content



20KG,   25KG

Shelf   Life

12   months


stored   in cool and dry place, avoid moisture and high temperature.


1. It can effectively improve the soil structure;

2. It can improve the rhizosphere microbiota of crops and improve the resistance of plants to diseases and insects.

3. It can promote the utilization of chemical fertilizer and improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer;

4. The organic fertilizer of tea meal is completely rotten, without burning roots or rotting seedlings;

5. It can effectively control underground pests, such as ground tiger, nematode, etc.


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