Organic Wormwood Herb Powder

Organic Wormwood Herb Powder

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Wormwood herb is a Chinese herbal that have been used for 150 years to treat malariaand haemorrhoids. It grows in the wild in China and now has been found to grow inother parts of the world too, though the species may vary a bit. Locally, it is prepared as an infusion of the dried leaves.

Product   Name:

Organic Wormwood herb powder

Part   of Plant Used:

Whole plant


Yellow Brown Fine Powder




1) has effect on antibacterial, artemisinin has anti-influenza virus effect

2) used for anti-parasite, artemisinin play the role of anti-schistosomiasis and leptospirosis

3) used for antimalarial, artemisinin has killing effect on the parasite within red blood cells, it can inhibit the parasite's maturity quickly


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