Flaxseed Protein

Flaxseed Protein

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Flaxseed contains 10%-30% protein, which is a gamma globulin. The protein contains 18 kinds of amino acids. Compared with soy protein, flaxseed contains more aspartic acid, glutamic acid and leucine. And arginine. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B and a large number of trace elements, it has a high nutritional value. The nitrogen extracted from the defatted flaxseed is dissolved in different solvents, 42%-52% is water-soluble, 34%-47% is soluble in 5% NaCl, and 1%-2% is soluble in 70% ethanol. 3%-3.5% is soluble in 0.2% NaOH. The protein in flaxseed is mainly composed of 2S component, which contains 3% α-helix, 17% β-fold, 80% free transition and a certain amount of 2S component.


Product   Flaxseed protein

Ingredients:   Flaxseed protein

Test   method: kjeldahl method

Plant   part:   Seeds

Country of   origin: China

Color:     Light Yellow fine powder





Because flax protein contains a certain amount of polysaccharide gum, it can improve the viscosity, water holding capacity and foaming property of flax protein products in application, and has stronger lipophilicity than soy protein. Flaxseed protein has strong water absorption, and the ratio of water to water is 1:6; good emulsifying property, strong adsorption to free fatty acid of product; good application of tissue in meat food, can fully improve product Sliced, elastic; good aroma, flavour of flaxseed: effective to prevent starch rejuvenation, due to weak gelatinization of flaxseed protein, can reduce fat loss during cooking, reduce hardness, reduce meat Loss of flavor. Adding flax protein products to ice cream (additional amount 0.5% - -1%) can increase the viscosity, specific gravity and expansion rate of the product, but reduce the melting time. The flax protein products can be used as potential emulsifiers and stable in the food industry. Agent. At present, the linseed protein produced by our company is mainly used in the meat products industry.


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