Botanical Adjuvant for Agrochemicals Tea Saponin

Botanical Adjuvant for Agrochemicals Tea Saponin

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The plant derived agrochemical additive is refined from the active substance in the camellia oil cake as the main raw material. The product passed the expert appraisal organized by Zhejiang science and Technology Department on July 30, 2005. The appraisal conclusion is that the purification and modification technology of the product is at the leading level in China, the pesticide efficiency is significant, environmental protection is non-toxic, and it is a new type of additive worthy of promotion.


Tea   Saponin Powder


Light   Yellow Powder

PH   Value


Surface   Tension

<30   mN/m

Foaming   Ability


Solid   Contents


Water   Solution1%

Yellow,transparent,no   deposit


10kg/pp woven   bag

Shelf Life



1. As a wetting agent, the wettable powder can be prepared by adding it into the solid original drug, which can greatly improve the suspension rate of the original pesticide powder and make the original insoluble or insoluble pesticide original drug play its efficacy. The results show that the additive has the advantages of fast wetting speed, strong dispersion, neutral partial acid, and good for pesticide preservation.

2. It can improve the physical properties of the mineral pesticide, improve the adhesion of the solution on the target organism or plant surface, and improve the application effect of the pesticide. It can be widely used as the cosolvent of the herbicide or soluble powder pesticide.

3. This product is rich in chemicals such as sugars and terpenes. It has a good synergistic effect on glyphosate and other pesticides. The synergistic effect can reach 6-20 times, and the amount of pesticides can be reduced by more than 50% in actual use.


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