What is the relationship between rutin and quercetin?

What is the relationship between rutin and quercetin?

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Rutin and Quercetin are "close relatives" and both belong to flavonoid biochemicals. Rutin is the glycoside of quercetin. From another perspective, the structure of rutin is quercetin plus The last disaccharide rutinose (rhamnose + glucose).

Rutin will be metabolized and decomposed into quercetin when entering the human intestine.

There is a lot of rutin in the pigment of the skin of apples. Rutin is also widely found in our daily food. For example, oranges, figs, black tea, and green tea all contain rutin. Rutin is also an important ingredient in another herbal nutraceutical-St. John's Wort.

Studies have shown that rutin not only improves depression and anxiety symptoms in mice but also plays an important role in protecting nerve cells. As one of the most important nutritional supplements in Europe, America, and other countries.

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