What are the functions of Coenzyme Q10?

What are the functions of Coenzyme Q10?

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1. Reduce all kinds of fatigue

Due to the pressure of work and life, modern people often lead to abnormal work and rest and lack of sleep. With age, the rate of metabolism and elimination of free radicals decreases, resulting in slow recovery from fatigue.

An observational study found that the fatigue and autonomic cognitive symptoms of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome may be related to the low concentration of coenzyme Q10 in the blood. Higher doses of Coenzyme Q10 help to improve fatigue and physical performance after physical training.

2. Maintain cardiovascular health

Clinically, it has been found that compared with healthy people, the cardiomyocytes of patients with heart failure usually have a low concentration of Q10. Many studies have found that supplementation of coenzyme Q10 can significantly improve heart failure.

3. Promote brain health

The brain is very vulnerable to oxidative damage due to its high fatty acid content and high demand for oxygen. Coenzyme Q10 has been shown to protect brain cells from oxidative damage and reduce harmful compounds that may cause brain diseases.

4. Beauty

Coenzyme Q10 has excellent antioxidant properties. It has been found in research that it can effectively neutralize free radicals and enhance cell viability. It has certain effects on preventing skin aging, reducing wrinkles and repairing collagen cells, and can reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin.

5. Sports nutrition

Oxidative stress can affect muscle function, thereby affecting sports performance. Similarly, abnormal mitochondrial function can also reduce muscle energy, making it difficult for muscles to effectively contract and maintain exercise. Coenzyme Q10 can help exercise performance by reducing oxidative stress in cells and improving mitochondrial function, so as to increase muscle strength during exercise and improve fatigue after exercise.

6. Fertility

Due to the decline in the number and quality of eggs, female fertility will decline with age. Coenzyme Q10 is directly involved in this process. Appropriate supplementation of Coenzyme Q10 can increase sperm quality, activity and concentration by increasing antioxidant protection.

7. Healthy eyesight

Coenzyme Q10 plays an important role in promoting energy production in the human body. The mitochondria in retinal cells are very sensitive to the toxic by-products produced by cell metabolism. Therefore, supplementing Coenzyme Q10 can also help the health of the retina.